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I'm posting this here mainly as a backup incase mods delete my original post, but if anyone is interested please take a look under the cut at things I have for sale! I really need to get rid of a few things before I head back to the UK otherwise my case is gonna be waaay too full.

Anyone got any ideas where else I could post these kinda things besides from garagesalejapan

Beige and pink canvas bag featuring the cute and rare Sanrio character 'Chi Chai Monochan'. Size approx 45" length x 20" height x 9" depth. 200 JPY

JJ Magazine from November. Lots of amazing ideas and pretty photos. 100 JPY

Baby Gachapin plush keychain 200 yen

'Baby Veil' hair perfume, only sprayed once 200 yen

Fringe Volume 1 DVD (Japanese subs), new in packaging 800 yen

Panda sandwich cutter, makes your sandwiches into little pouches with no crusts! Only used a few times 200 yen

NANA manga **Japanese language** volume 1. New and unread 350 yen

Hello Kitty stamper set 500 yen

Korilakkuma small plush 500 yen

2 Many DJs Japan exlusive mix 'Get Yer YoYos Out' 2000 yen

Dress/long top with sequin pattern on top. From Japanese brand 'Lowry's Farm' (as seen in Shibuya 109) brand new with tags. Size L. 2500 yen

Tokyo is for lovers tee size L

Marie bento box accessories 200 yen

Top from F21 Harajuku, worn once, size L 900 yen

My Melody flourescent stickers/name tags, 100 yen

Cute writing set 100 yen

Pre-owned Final Fantasy VIII **Japanese version** for Playstation. Disks are perfect, I don't think it's ever been played. 5000 yen

Pre-owned Final Fantasy VII **Japanese version** for Playstation. Disks are a little scratched, nothing big just usual pre-owned condition. Guide book missing. 5000 yen

Eyewitness Japan guide book. Good condition 1000 yen

Lonely Planet Japan guide book. Covers a little tatty but full of invaluable information 1000 yen

Unused gel nail remover. I've tried and tested a lot and they don't come better than this one :D 900 yen


Hey hun, I'd really like the following. How much total to me please?
Panda sandwich cutter
Japanese phrase book & CD
Phone strap
Little bottles for sauce
Minnie bento set
Japanese phrase book & CD

I'd also want the Lonely Planet Japan guide book but don't have the spare cash right now so I'll see if you till have it later. Might be slow to reply atm as not feeling super well.

For places to sell check what commmunities my sales LJ belongs to. Should help. :)
Oh thanks I'll have a look soon :D how is £13 all in for the stuff? The panda cutter is gone but I'll get you a new one from the supermarket (same price hehe)
Cool, thanks hun. Please invoice Decadentdolls[@]googlemail.com. :)
Okies sent, thank you!
Done thanks hun. You're evil making me spend money. Grrr LOL. :)
Hehe I'm sorry, but you're ill and deserve to treat yourself! :D
Indeedy. Actually it's money from something I sold LOL, so technically I thought it'd be ok. :)
oooh has the 2 many djs cd gone?
Nope it's still available and if you'd like I will do 2000 all in :) so thats umm £14
sorry love, just done my end of month accounts, and i can't afford it :(
Okies no worries :)
If you want I'll send you the mp3s?
aw i couldn't do that! that seems a bit of a cheek :P
Nah don't worry, you're a friend ;D is the e-mail address in your profile ok?
ooh i didn't even know there was one there :P

chloemcgenn (at) gmail.com is the one i use the most


I might be interested in a kigurumi panda and a fox, if you have them. Let me know!

Re: kigurumi

Hello, I'm sorry I can't get a panda but I can get the fox below :) thanks!

Re: kigurumi

is the fox still available? i soo want one!

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